Solar Electrician Team Lead

Solar Photovoltaic Electrician Installation Team Lead

The Solar Electrician will provide leadership and technical expertise for a photovoltaic installation team.


  • Perform the role of team leader
  • Assess the site and logistics of the solar installation prior to commencing work
  • Assist in crafting and review of electrical line drawings
  • Assist crew in installation
  • Manage and direct conduit runs
  • Lead the team’s wire management efforts
  • Connect solar photovoltaic array to solar PV inverter
  • Manage electrical service panel breaker swaps and/or derates
  • Perform any necessary electrical service panel upgrades
  • Communicate installation status daily to management
  • Lead the team in performance of safe solar installation methods
  • Practice and lead the solar PV installation team in OSHA standards
  • Be available for inspections by the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ)
  • Be available for inspections by the utility company
  • Commission solar system upon Permission to Operate status being granted by utility company
  • Troubleshoot issues with existing solar photovoltaic systems