Solar Project Manager

Solar Photovoltaic Project Manager


  • Manage multiple solar photovoltaic installation projects from planning to interconnection
  • Manage to the solar photovoltaic design, budget, construction, permits, reports, inspections
  • Manage solar installation crews
  • Manage to strict timelines of solar installation
  • Be available to submit permits at the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ)
  • Be available to attend solar inspections by the AHJ
  • Be available to attend solar inspections by the utility company
  • Visit multiple sites to assure quality control, safety and efficiencies
  • Prepare the facilitation “Punch Lists” to complete solar photovoltaic installations
  • Work with Warehouse Manager to assure accurate equipment lists for each job
  • Commission solar PV systems upon receiving Permission to Operate by the utility company
  • Practice and lead the solar PV installation crews in OSHA safety standards
  • Communicate effectively with operations management